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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Anderson Cooper: 360 HERO

New mommy and Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie gave her first interview after returning from giving birth in Africa. My childhood TV friend Anderson Cooper, originally from Channel 1 News, scored the interview and a chance to talk to the nation for two hours about global injustices. Both Anderson and Angelina care deeply about global human rights and teamed up to educate the public on Wold Refugee Day.

A good hour and a half of the interview consisted of Anderson's commentary and special reports on the genocide and the many displaced in Darfur, the rapes in Congo, and the maimings and killings in Sierra Leone.

Since I first met Anderson Cooper when I was in junior high school, I liked him. He never talked about his high profile mother or his fame of being raised in a famous family. Instead, he took on risky assignments and sought out to find the truth. In a recent column in Details Magazine, he said "Bad news makes good news. That's a fact. "

And the bad news always leads - Sept. 11, Katrina, Iraq, murders, house fires, child abuse, you name it... and as they say in the biz 'if it bleeds, it leads'.

Both Cooper and Jolie are very smart when it comes to message. They crafted the interview with alterior intentions. They wanted to talk about human rights, not just Hollywood. I will be honest, I tuned in because I wanted to hear the good gossip. I wanted to know how Brad looked in the delivery room, learn the details of their intimate moments, and hear it from AJ's lips.

Yes, she's famous and yes, their child will be gosh darn beautiful. Yes, adopting a Cambodian baby is cute and Mad's mo-hawk is very stylish. But the message was clear. Everyone needs to be involved in the fight for global human rights. It can't be a one woman army that will change the world. And our Congress won't do it without our pressure.

The issue isn't about money and it isn't about party lines. It is about children's welfare and providing safe homes, nutrition, education, and healthcare for everyone.

Angelina is right. "Our priorities are quite strange". We spend billions on war that saves no one. We throw money and rhetoric around and hardly think about how many children are suffering.

Anderson is a conscience and concerned journalist. These days, those are very hard to find.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Boy, Benz, Beach and Bygones

The weekend again out did itself. I decided early last week that I needed a mental health day (my therapist is on vacation so that might explain it). I took Friday off and planned to do everything I can't do on the weekend. I planned to go my local neighborhood gallery G Fine Art and gallery 10. But instead, I went to have lunch with a friend and went art supply shopping at Utrecht's. I picked up some duck cotton canvas and decided to grab some charcoal. I went home, painted some but didn't really dedicate much time to finishing what I started. To be fair, it was Friday night!

I put on my hot thong JLo bathing suit and headed out. Yes, I went to a private pool party. I only knew a couple people there so I kept my eye on the door. For three hours, no one even remotely attractive walked through. I drank and took jello shots, and finally someone took me home.

Saturday was a little more interesting. I painted the day away and then put on my new favorite pair of jeans- the are
Vigoss. Circle V and I headed for a hipster bar on the other side of Dupont. It was ok but greatness happened while I moseying my way home around the circle.

As I reached Mass Ave, a very hot black man pulled up to the stoplight in a fantastic silver, Mercedes convertible. I walked slowly around the front of his car making sure he would notice (note to readers: my ass looked very tight and very HOT). Of course, he pulled his car over and asked me if I wanted to go to a club with him. It was 1:30 in the am already and girlfriend here had to wake up at 6 to go to the beach. So casually, I say " I can't go to the club but I will let you give me a ride home". He of course, wants me to get in. I don't normally get in cars with strangers, but I make exceptions for convertibles and Mercedes... so I get in. He tells me his name and surprise surprise, he has an accent. He is from the Dominican Republic and so so cute. We cruise down Mass and chat about what we do, what we like, don't like and then he pulls over to let me off at home. We exchange numbers and agree to grab dinner sometime during the week. So I have a date with the car again!

I got in the elevator and notice that one of my neighbors has peed in it... So gross. It smells bad all the way up to the 8th floor. I walk straight to my bed and wake up 5 hours later. I pack for the beach and meet V down on the corner. She is so great, she brings me McDonald's breakfast... yum!

We rode to the beach, Rehoboth is three hours away. I slept in the car for the most part and wake up as soon as we get there. It is hot... like 95 degrees and I fry in the sun. Yes- I have some wicked tan lines today!

V and I of course stopped by the bar on the main drag of the boardwalk... We drank corona and then had an amazing extra vodka mudslide. It was amazing. After the drinks, I stumbled back to the car and jumped in. I was drunk and quite chatty.

About an hour in to the ride back, we stopped at
Sonic. I had no idea. I had never been to a Sonic. It took care of my drunkenness and I passed out in the back seat the rest of the way home.

Sunday nights are reserved for Entourage. And as ususal, the show is no disappointment. Vince continues to be hot, Ari is outrageous, and Drama gets his ass kicked by a hs boy.

After this weekend of a new hot boy, a ride in the Benz, a fun filled day at the beach, the past disappears. Summer is here and I am ready for it. No more dwelling over what is or isn't. I am ready to move on to bigger and brighter horizons. So, as they say, let bygones be bygones.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good Bye Bar Crawl

To all you ladies out there, crying all alone in your room
And all you fellas, going down south...Not making it back...
May the lord bless your soul, I love you girl
That's right... I'll be gone to November.
~Wyclef Jean

As many of you, I am leaving DC til November to go to Madison, WI. I will be working to help elect progressive (read democratic) candidates up and down the ticket.

Please help me celebrate my $11K raise and come wish me farewell until I see you again in November... It's A DC BAR CRAWL

WHERE: We start at Eye Bar, go to Rumors, then Ozio, and move on to many other bars... Yes, I will be calling the bars ahead of time... we will have free cover and drink specials all nite!

WHEN: Friday, June 23

TIME: 8:30ish


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Dream of Nola

I had a dream the other night... and I believe it was a premonition. It is one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had. I dreamt that I adopted a baby girl. I was married and together, we named our baby Nola. And she had the cutest curly hair. We lived on the DC/Bethesda line in a nice house. I seemed happy and loved being a new mom. This is all very strange because I never thought of defining myself as a potential mother, or as a wife for that matter. Is this what grownups think about? This is a life I never thought possible for me and now, somehow, I think it could be. I mean, I have good health insurance and have a good job. I could take on a husband and a child. Financially, I could afford it and if I married a black lawyer (as the dream had me do), we could make it work. I could drive a benz with a car seat in the back. Nola and I would cruise the streets of DC together... stopping at Politics and Prose and Kramer’s for the children's story time. We could do mommy and me yoga classes together. But do I have what it takes to be a soccer mom? Sure, I like the PTA. Heck, I would probably run to be the president of it since that is what I do best. My job focus is to make public schools great for all children. Why not focus on one child... educating her, loving her, and caring for her? I feel like I am a good role model for those younger than me… Sure I like to party and drink and occasionally behave badly. But I think I can do it. There are always tough times and those trials make or break you. They have always made me… I don’t fail and I look out for those I care about. Maybe this mom, wife thing isn’t such a bad idea. Why not be the leader of a family, live the American Dream?