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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today, I might have been given something for nothing! The Comcast cable guy came to my house to hook up new service and disconnect my old service with the terrible RCN. I was doing yoga when he knocked and didn’t have time (didn’t want to) to tidy things up. The kitchen was full of dirty dishes and bread crumbs from my late night snack. And the living room was filled with clutter, clothes, damp towels, and disheveled papers.

I didn’t even try to look descent. I wore a white, see through tank top and gray lounge pants. No makeup and certainly no deodorant. Looking hot!

In this chocolate city where all service jobs are predominantly filled by black people, Comcast is no different. Of course my service technician was a black male in his mid to late thirties. Semi cute, ring on his finger, and very friendly. (The see through tank top might have helped in the friendliness department).

Feeling useless as he worked on my cable, I started to clean the kitchen and made small talk with the nice guy. Three kids, lives 50 miles outside of DC, going to North Carolina for the holidays. As we talk, I ask him about his job and he explains that he is a contractor for Comcast. That means no time off, no benefits, and no union. But he wants a union and would really appreciate the health care for his family. He tells me about his struggles as he works. And as he fiddles with the new remote, I look down towards the TV and notice the same thing he is looking at. Three Magnum condoms. However, only two are unopened. The third is an empty package. Ah yes, cleaning before hand would have been good. All credibility in our conversation about healthcare, unions, and workers rights has slipped away.

But he did hook up HBO and Showtime when I hadn’t ordered it yet. We will see if I am billed for it. In any case, I should have cleaned up beforehand.


At 10:56 AM, Blogger honeykbee said...

Imagine how many premium channels he would have thrown in if all three Magnums were used?


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